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Whether you’ve had several brazilian waxes or you’re a first timer you will definitely feel the difference by the care we put into each service and the quality of wax we use. 

You will receive service by our highly trained staff of certified estheticians.


Here is a little insight on the world of wax


There are hundreds of wax companies out there. Each with a large variety of wax to choose from. We visit major beauty conventions several times a year making sure we are using the most gentle, highest quality, and most advanced wax available. 


You can be certain that the wax we use for your brazilian/bikini wax is the most gentle and will remove 100% of the hair (even in those very intimate hard to see areas)


A good quality wax should have a low melting point. You will be pleasantly surprised that the wax we use is just a couple degrees above body temperature, so it’s a pleasant application.


When receiving a brazilian or bikini wax, you should never experience bruising, lifting of skin, or breakage of hair . This might occur if the technician is using a soft sticky wax, the kind that is removed by a cloth or paper like strip. When the cloth is applied it holds to the skin as well as the hair and causes these unpleasant effects on the skin. When waxing the sensitive areas such as bikini/brazilain, we use our premium Hybrid Hard Wax with shrink-wrap technology. Our wax shrink wraps the hair at the base, allowing the hair to be removed by the root. The wax we use isn’t sticky at all, therefor removing gently off the skin.


Before waxing any part of the face, oil should be applied first to protect the sensitive areas especially the thin skin on the brow. We always cleanse the skin after, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. We finish with an aloe vera cream to calm any irritation, so you leave looking like you didn’t just receive a wax.


After waxing, you should never experience white heads on the area that was waxed. This can happen when technicians don’t dispose of the waxing stick after each application. This unsanitary technique causes bacteria to grow in the wax pot and creates more susceptibility to break outs on freshly waxed skin. At Blossom, we are 100% keen on sanitation and cleanliness and dispose of the stick after contact with skin.


Breaking hair vs. removing entire hair shaft. When receiving a brazilian/bikini wax breakage can happen to those of us who have thinner hair - or have curly fragile hair. The wax at Blossom is perfect for these hair types. Since the wax is shrink-wrapping the hair from the base, no breakage occurs, leaving you smoother and hair free longer.


The technology of the wax we use is incredible. It is applied very thin, dries almost instantly, and removes gently for a perfect wax. Come try it out for yourself!

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