At Blossom, we specialize in female Brazilian waxing.

Feel the difference as we use only the highest quality of wax in the industry.  You will experience little to no irritation to the skin.  Leave Blossom feeling pampered as we apply a drop of lavender to calm and soothe the skin and finish with a sprinkle of arrowroot powder. 


Before You Arrive

Brazilian Wax 

Make your service more comfortable by following these tips:


  • Our wax glides wonderfully over moisturized skin. So feel free to apply your favorite lotion or face serum before your appointment.

  • Stay away from caffein the day of your appointment. Caffeine is a stimulant and tends to amplify anxiety and/or pain. 

  • Wear loose clothing such as a flowy dress or skirt to your appointment. *During colder weather sweatpants is a great option. This allows your skin to "breath" and will allow the skin to feel back to normal faster.

  • You may exfoliate your skin the day before your appointment by using a natural sugar scrub. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells surrounding the hair folicle and allows for a better application of the wax, resulting in a thorough service.

  • Optimum hair lenghth for a comfortable and effective service is 1/4" or 5 weeks from the day you last shaved. This allows the wax to bind to the root of the hair shaft, resulting in a faster and less painful removal of the hair.

Body Wax 

      Make your service more comfortable by              following these tips:


  • Our wax glides wonderfully over moisturized skin. So feel free to apply your favorite lotion or body oil before your appointment.

  • Stay away from caffein the day of your appointment. Caffeine is a stimulant and tends to amplify anxiety or pain. 

  • Optimum hair lenghth for body waxing is when the hair is long enough to lay flat against the skin when wax is applied.

  • If the skin that you are planning on getting waxed feels dry; the day before your appointment you may exfolitate with a sugar scrub and apply coconut oil or olive oil to moisturize your skin.

We offer vegan sugar scrubs that lather and nourish the skin with therapeutic grade essential oils

During Your Appointment

  • We use both types of waxes for your service, strip wax & non strip wax. Both are very gentle on the skin. You will experience a wonderful difference in the quality of wax we use.

  • Enjoy soothing organic & natural arrowroot powder being applied on your skin to sooth and calm any inflammation.

  • We finish your service by applying an aloe vera soothing tonic to calm any irritation and allow your skin to feel back to normal sooner.

Love & pamper your skin by following these tips:



  • If your skin feels sensitive after your appointment, please avoid activity that will cause rubbing of the skin, which can result in further irritation.

  • Continue wearing loose clothing. After a brazilian wax, going commando is recommended for as much time as needed, until your skin feels back to normal.

  • Keep your skin moisturized with an all natural, chemical free, moisturizer. 

  • As soon as you start to notice hair surfacing through the epidermis, start exfoliating with a gentle, all natural, sugar scrub.

  • If you notice a couple ingrown hairs, you may apply a hot towel to the area, this will allow the hair follicle to open and release any bacteria being trapped inside.

  • We retail an essential oil blend that prevents and treats ingrown hairs. You might want to consider purchasing one if your skin is more prone to ingrowns.  

  • There is an ingrown treatment service we provide to safely extract ingrown hairs. * Please do not try to perform extractions by yourself with a needle, as this may result in scarring or puncturing of the skin.







Brazilian $55

More than Bikini $45

Bikini $35

Eyebrow Contour $20

Face $45

Full Face with Brows $60

Lip $10

Nose $5

Chin $10

Underarms $25

Arms $55

Legs $85 or 1/2 leg $65

Stomach $20


Am I in a dream

I thought I'd scream

but to my surprise 

just a couple sighs

now so clean


treated like a queen

A little Poem

After Your Appointment

Beauty Menu

Summer Celebration


Massage Menu

Dose of Heaven 

30 minute  massage with

60 minute facial - $150

You will experience the ultimate state of relaxation

This pampering session will refresh your skin and realign your body



Hydrating Massage

60 Minute Massage - $70

Indulge yourself with this massage that includes hot towels, steam, and lavender aromatherapy. Perfect for replenishing dry New Mexico skin.



Massage Add-on 

15 Minute Renewal Massage - $25

Great mini massage to add to the end of any waxing service or facial. Area of work can be customized



No Cash Accepted

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Forms of Payment

Cancellation Policy

Please give us at least 4 hours notice  via text or voicemail if you are unable to make your scheduled waxing appointment.

Failure to give proper notice will result in a $15 no call/show fee that will  be paid prior to next appointment. 

If you are feeling sick or have any symptoms such as, runny nose, cough, sneezing, fever, or difficultly breathing, we ask kindly that you reschedule your appointment. Any fee's associated with the change of your appointment due to illness will be waived.

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