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Blossom Beauty Bar

We make sure the brands we carry meet our high standard of purity and effectiveness. 

We only carry brands that share the same philosophy as ours, which is to provide products with nourishing ingredients to heal the skin and to avoid cheap synthetic ingredients that don’t.

All the products we carry are:

*Cruelty free 

*Paraben Free

*Sulfate Free

*Chemical Free


Shop These Brands at Blossom

We carry a full cosmetic line of 100% Pure, Raw Skin Ceauticals, Brow Food, Skin care from Ultra Aesthetics,   Living Free Organics. Andalou, and Hylunia.


We make sure that the brands we carry are all made with biodegradable formulas that don’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins that can pollute our bodies or our earth.

The brands we carefully choose to carry contain high quality ingredients to nourish and protect the skin especially in this dry NM climate.

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